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Next Gen. Elements 12- Party and Moving- Final
    “Leave home to stay here?” my mother asked after I explained my story and plan to her.
    “Yeah, Twilight Sparkle said I could continue my studies on the magic of friendship here with my new friends, and since we have our aunt Stars living here, I can just stay at her house!” I say, concluding my statement.
    “Well...” father said, he had no rebuttal for a marvelous plan.
    “Mom, Dad, now that I have a big responsibility, I need to stay here with my friends, they need me, and I need them.” I say
    “What about your friend Bab Seed, she lives in Manehatten, how will she be with you guys?” my mother asked.
    “Babs can be here in the blink of an eye! Faster than a cheetah on fire!” Apple Bloom declared happily, “And I’m the honesty element, I ain’t lyin’.” Apple Bloom said as a rebuttal.
    “Well... I
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Next Gen. Elements 11- Friends
 When I awoke I was in an unfamiliar room, lying down in a soft bed with a warm, plaid brown, orange, and white quilt. I sat up in a panic, but then remembering what must have been a couple hours ago, I calmed down. A bowl of oats and wheat pancakes was set and a glass of apple cider were on a tray on the nightstand next to me. Suddenly I heard a soft humming coming from another side of the room that was behind a bookshelf. I hopped out of the bed to see Dash brushing her mane and humming a tune happily by a vanity.
    “Dash? Where am I?” I ask, which made her turn around.
    “Oh hey silly, you fell asleep last night and since my house was the closest to the forest, we decided you could come here! You would be in my guest room but I wanted you to be extra safe considering last night, so this is my room, and I slept on that couch last night. ” she said happily, pointing to a blue couch. I looked out the window, it was probably nine o
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Next Gen. Elements 10- Defeat of Fira
    “B-but... y-you can't do that! I’ve already won! You can’t fight back!” Fira protested.
    “Not if we anything to say about it:
    Babs Seed, for giving the manticore a chance to explain his anger before hurting him physically, then figuring out that he meant no harm in the first place, leading to helping him:
Hospitality!” the broken shards of the once pink butterfly, slid across the floor and circled Babs, who barely minded, for she just looked daringly at Fira.
    “Dasher Green, for using her own pure hearted happiness and hope to guide us through the black cloud of despair, then guide us out of it, not to mention giggling the entire way here:
Hopefulness!” the grey, sad shards that were once a bright blue balloon, slid across the floor then hovered in the air to circle the hovering pegasus as she smiled confidently.
    “Apple Bloom, for assuring me no harm would come to m
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Next Gen. Elements 9- Necklace, Tiara or Not
She smashed them to the ground and they shattered into lifeless bits. I could feel warm tears escaping my eyes as colorful sparks flickered into lifeless smoke clouds.
    “Do you see this? DO YOU SEE IT?! YOU’VE LOST! WITHOUT THE ELEMENTS OF HARMONY, I SHALL RULE EQUESTRIA IN AN AGE OF FIRE!” she said, loudly declaring her victory and cackling which echoes through the hallways.
     “Don’t worry Crystal! We’re coming!” Apple Bloom yelled as I heard their hooves galloping through the hall.
     That’s when I felt a wave a truth flow through me. These ponies were trying to help me, maybe instead of keeping them away, I should let them be my friends...
Thats when I gasped, I felt like such a fool for not understanding it, and totally abandoning the thought, I can’t believe I had not know it before:
“Somponies need a beating, and some need empathy” - Hospitality (Kindness)
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Next Gen. Elements 8- Fira
    That made me think a lot. Babs looked like a tough mare from Manehatten, but is a kind and reasonable girl. Dash seems like a weird, energetic, nutjob, but she’s somepony who wants to make the world happier. Apple Bloom seems like a typical, funny farm girl, but she’s really somepony who never tells anything but the truth. Sweetie Belle seems like a fun, nice unicorn, but she’s really somepony who gives without a reward. And Scootaloo seems like a proud, athletic young pony, but she’s really somepony who will stick by your side.
    These qualities, they remind me of something... An old story my mother told me when I was young, something to do with Twilight Sparkle, and old book no one looks at in the library. Their voices echoed in my head:
“Somponies need a beating, and some need empathy”
“Everypony deserves a smile, and a friend!”
“What’s the point of telling a lie?”
“You give but little
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Next Gen. Elements 7- Scootaloyalty
    “Hey guys look!” Scootaloo said far off. Sweetie Belle and I galloped over to see what. Scootaloo was looking down a deep trench, we couldn't see the bottom, but since only two of us were pegasi, I don't think we’d want to. She turned her head to see a bridge that looked like it was supposed to go all the way across, but the ropes that had to be tied to the other side had fallen off.
    “Hold on guys, I got this.” she said, hovering, then flying over to the other side of the trench.
    As soon as she landed on the other side, a thick fog pushed behind her.
    “Scoots! Hey Scoots! Do you see anything?” Apple Bloom yelled over to the other side.
    But we couldn’t see Scootaloo, and she didn’t respond.
    A minute passed, Dash almost went and checked on her, but Babs assured her she was fine. I called her name one more time, when the fog pushed out of the way. I saw
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Next Gen. Elements 6- Tail Gone
    As we exited the fog, the girls cheered, as did I. We kept walking until we reached a dead end in the path, that's when we heard distant a little cry. Not as much of a pony’s cry, but more animal like. Sweetie Belle found the source of it: a little chipmunk family standing atop a tree that looked like it was burnt. She felt the charred bark with her hoof, it was still warm, something came by here and destroyed, or someone. Then she turned to the shivering little chipmunk family.
    “Aww, don't worry little ones, I'll fix your home.” she said softly, then motioned to Applebloom. After whispering something in her ear, Applebloom turned to a different tree, and bucked it with one hoof. It left an imprint, a deep one I might add, so she bucked it again in the exact same place, and again, and again, and again. Sweetie Belle saw the shivering little chipmunks again, “Hey girls,” she said turning to us, “I don't think these animals
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Next Gen. Elements 5-Despair Cloud and Bloom truth
    We kept walking, Dash had to wipe the slobber from her face and claimed she didn’t mind because, “She had gotten used to animal slobber.”. I couldn’t understand one thing about her: Why was she so happy about this situation? We were in a dark forest, having no idea where we were going, no idea what we were up against, and she was giggling softly. No pony alive could be happy in this situation.
    While lost in thought, a black fog cloud blocked our path. At first I thought it was nothing, but then Dash looked up from the ground and shot up into the air.
    “GIRLS, STOP!” she yelled, waving her arms in the air.
    Everypony looked up at her, “Uh, why?” I ask in a confused voice.
    “Don’t you see that cloud? It’s blocking our path!” she said landing in front of us, then pointing to the cloud. I rolled my eyes, she was a very odd pony, “It’s just a
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Next Gen. Elements 4- Babs' and the Manticore
    The forest was scary, it was dark and who knows what was making noises behind bushes. It was really quiet between the six of us, except for an occasional comment from one of us or a quiet giggle from Dash for no exact reason. Finally one of us broke out a conversation.
    “This place sure is scary...” Sweetie Belle said, looking around: above her, behind her, side to side. It was as if she thought something was going to creep up on us.
    “Yeah, it wasn’t as scary when we were fillies, remember trying to find that cockatrice girls?” Scootaloo said, turning to Applebloom and Sweetie Belle. They nodded and laughed a bit.
    Suddenly, a growl emerged from behind us. We turned to see a big cave carved from a mountain, and a large manticore emerging from the cave. It was angry, not a clue why, but it was. We all shrieked.
    “Dash! You’re good with animal’s right? Why is it so angry?!
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Next Gen. Elements 3- Missing Princess
 Hours past, I told my parents I was leaving the hotel room and going to a party, so I trotted out of the building and followed the directions, Pinkie Pie told me.
    The streets were very empty, everypony was probably going to this party, Pinkie Pie was probably the party animal of the town, so close to everypony was going.
    I got there and just started to look around, I learned about Ponyville and how things worked. This place was a lot different than Canterlot, everypony knew everypony, while back home, you knew the people you met, and that’s it.
    Pinkie tried to make me be friends with people, very oblivious to my signs that I didn’t want any friends. About an hour past by and Apple Bloom stood on a balcony of the barn.
    “Excuse me everypony, first I wanted to say thanks for comin’ to mah’ party.” she said, she had a western accent, “And I’m proud to present mah’ close frien
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Next Gen. Elements 2- Babs, Apple Bloom and Scoots
 I started to walk around town again, just to explore, it was a close call back there, I wouldn’t want to get close to somepony, or else they’d be distracting back home. I was trotting along when I heard a loud voice yell, “Look out!”.
    I turned to see a young mare, about my age with a light orange coat and a messy, long magenta-purple mane. I took a step to the side and she fell to the ground.
    “Oh my Celestia! Are you ok?” I asked in a horrified tone, she must be injured!
    She chuckled, “Yeah, I'm all right,” she said in sort of a funny tone, like she was expecting that to happen, “I gotta learn that stunt.” she said sitting up and taking her goggles off. She turned to look at me, “Hey, I haven’t seen you in town before, you are you?”.
    Geez does everypony know everypony in this town? “Oh, well, I live in Canterlot and my parents are here for fi
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Next Gen. Elements 1- Sweetie and Dash
    It was about noon when the cloud carriage finally dropped me and my family down in the town of Ponyville. I thought it would be an awful weekend, away from my precious parent’s mansion in Canterlot, away from the quiet studies, alone in my bedroom, and in a rugged little town, all weekend.
    “Crystal Wind darling, you can look around town while me and your father find our hotel. Heres a bag of bits, and heres your aunt's address, we’ll be gone all afternoon at the meeting, now go play.” She said, pulling my father away along the street. "Go play", my mother always says things like that as if I was so childish as to actually "play".
    My name is Crystal Wind, and I live in Canterlot with my mother and father in a large mansion. I don't have many friends, but that's the way I like it, enough time for my studies to plan for my future, I didn't think much about friends anyhow. But here in Ponyville, it's everything. I attend Princess Celestia's school for Gi
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Daisy Blossom- Friends
First, I’ll Introduce you to my friends!:
First there’s Shooting Star:
Shooting Star is one of Rainbow Dash and Soarin’s children, she has a navy blue mane with a sort of lighter blue streak and and an even lighter blue streak next to it. The end of her forelock of her mane was curled, as was her tail, and both were messy. She was always funny and nice, and very obedient. She was the first filly in class to get her cutie mark, which was a golden shooting star with a rainbow streak behind it. She was loyal like her mom, and an amazing flyer. She lives in a two storie cloud home with a huge cloud yard, and a permanent rainbow overhead, held up by cloud columns that look like quartz.
Cutie Mark: Yellow Shooting star with a rainbow lightning streak
Race: Pegasus
Mother and Father: Soarin’ and Rainbow Dash
Gender Female
Age: 8
Eye Color: Rose
Siblings: Rag Tag (Twin sister with messy rainbow mane, pale cyan coat and purple eyes)
Then there’s Sugarcube:
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My OC, Dasher Green :P by Brony1235 My OC, Dasher Green :P :iconbrony1235:Brony1235 0 1
Daisy Blossom Intro
    Hey there, my name is Daisy Blossom and i’m a pegasus, you might know my Mother and Father, Fluttershy and Thunderlane, or maybe my sister Flower Storms, she’s 15. I live in the countryside outside of Ponyville, close to the town because I go there a lot. I’m eight years old with a long gold-blonde mane and tail, I also have a light yellow-ivory coat and dull purple voice. My mother said I use a whispering voice which I get from her, my daddy says I got my fast gallop from him, and my singing was from my sister.
    I don’t have a cutie mark yet, but I love watching my Mother working with her little animal friends, especially her butterfly’s, the ones with indigo wings and an amber body.
    I’m bullied a lot at school, but I still have a handful of friends, and with open meadows, hills and forests to explore, the countryside was a fun place to play with them.
    I thought I’d tell you about my life
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Book Characters as Ponies
By, Suzanne Collins:
Katniss Everdeen: Applejack
Primrose Everdeen: Apple Bloom
The mother: Cheerilee
Gale Hawthorne: Soarin’ (Though I’m not for that ship)
Peeta Mellark: Caramel (Though I’m for that one)
Rue: Fluttershy
(No, I like fluttershy, I can just sadly picture her as Rue :( )
Effie Trinket: Pinkie Pie
Haymitch Abernathy: Berry Punch
FABLEHAVEN (Up to book 3)
By Brandon Mull
Kendra Sensoren: Fluttershy
Seth Sensoren: Scootaloo
Stan Sensoren (grandpa): Uncle Apple Strudel
Grandmother: Granny Smith
Dale: Applejack
Warren: Big Mac
Tanu: Zecora
Coulter: Rainbow Dash
Vanessa: Rarity
Gavin: Thunderlane (Flutterlane... I approve)
Neil: Braeburn
By JK Rowling
Harry: Rainbow Dash
Ron: Applejack
Hermione: Twilight
Dumbledore: Celestia
Voldemort: Nightmare Moon
Malfoy: Rarity (No, I like Rarity)
Ginny: Fluttershy
Bellatrix: Trixie (It’s almost like *sunglasses* Bellatrixie AWWWWW YEAH)
Nagini: Uh... A r
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As you might know, my current profile picture is a picture of Big Macintosh and Fluttershy, what you might not know is I'm thinking of ...

by Zeurel

This animation is one of the best I've ever seen, especially when the bear is talking. I think we've all met that point of any kind of ...



I have a proposal for you very talented pony artists! I've seen a lot of very talented artists, and I need someone to draw a couple pics for me.
Now, let me explain:

-I can't pay you.
I've heard "Costs ___ points." I can't do that for you. But I will promote you as much as I can on here (this page). Let alone REAL money.

-I'm looking for an artist I can promote.
Yes it sounds stupid but if I can get an artist to draw the pony oc's and characters I will promote them here and on my stories like:

I sound very desperate and stupid but hey, can't a kid just have a bit of sympathy? Please comment in the comments or on this page.
Thanks, bye.


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